My graduate research is about LPWA networks with a special focus on system-wide optimization. Advised by Bob Iannucci, I am part of the Computation and Communication Structures Group (CCSG) in Carnegie Mellon University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department. As a group, we explore the hardware and software structures for information communication and processing. I am also part of the Learning, Incentives, and Optimization for Networked Systems (LIONS) research group advised by Carlee Joe-Wong. We study networked systems and how to do optimization given different user objectives and interactions.

Current research:



TickTalk project website

TickTalk NSF funded project

My contribution: use an extended dataflow model to capture behaviors and operations of IoT applications, including communication, periodic sampling, etc. The model is further used to partition the program to run on a distributed system with optimized data communication.

Intelligent Communications for Disaster Response

Learning framework for dynamic environment


Simulator repo

Past project

A System to Enable Adaptive Sampling of Stream Surface Velocity Using Sensor-Based Optical Flow


Project poster

Simulation of s two-species non-local cross-diffusion model using finite volume method


Research Article Published on Journal of Applied Analysis

MATLAB simulation program repo